We help brands engineer effective customer journeys.

Eldon Group is a customer engineering firm helping brands design and build measurable customer engagements. We do this by applying scientific principles in each of the touchpoints that allows us to develop an effective customer journey. Since our founding, Eldon Group has steadily grown into a specialized firm complementing marketing with analytics across a range of customer touchpoints. Headquartered in 48 Wall Street, we augment customer experience for middle market companies across several industries worldwide.


Customer Engineering

We advise you on customer engagements based on our systematic application of knowledge and experience. We blueprint your customers' journey (encompassing all the measurable customer touchpoints from awareness to loyalty) and adjust tactics dependent on threats, opportunities and ROI.


Discovery & Strategy

We facilitate a live discovery phase where we uncover deep insights about our clients' audience and internal stakeholders, as well as project-specific goals and benchmarks. 

Web Projects, UI, & UX

Whether the platform will be used for sales, service or education, we develop beautiful and engaging experiences that helps our clients achieve incredible results.

Brand Design

Our job is to build brands that thrive in the intersection of achieving business goals, exceeding user’s needs, and boasting beautiful aesthetics. This include logos, brand messaging, style guides, brand collateral, and more.

Videos & Photos

Using live action, beautiful renders, and several years of visual storytelling experience, we focus on highlighting our clients' goals. Production and post-production are built on a series of milestones that are cumulative approvals which build upon the previous step.

Marketing Campaigns

Building a great brand that represents an incredible product sold on a beautiful website means absolutely nothing if no one knows about it. That’s why campaign strategies and execution is vitally important for the overall success of our clients' launch.

Marketing Analytics

We collect and process data on targeted variables to enable insights and forecasting on our clients' industry and internally. We deliver detailed measurements of what drives the business and maximize the impact of marketing budget, both strategically and tactically.