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Marketing a Secret Society

Free and Accepted Masons in the State of New York are NGO based in Midtown Manhattan. The lodges are some of the oldest professional fraternity in the world. Some of the lodges are over 200 years old, and participates in numerous charity events each year.


Over the years, the “secret society” has been against marketing itself and so has been subjected to being branded by those who are not a part of the organization. The problem for the NGO was not how to get their name out to the public, but more of how it can get control of the brand back.

Non-Profit Organization
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Eldon Group discussed in-depth what actions we can take depending on the amount of access we were allowed. After tailoring a plan, we were able to come up with four solutions:
  • Design and develop a website to establish digital presence. The design team created the website to attract potential members as well as safeguarding the integrity of the organization
  • Produce video campaigns to attract new members to the fraternity
  • Enhance digital presence through search engine optimization and social media engagements
  • Track and analyze KPIs to help bolster public engagement with the brand

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