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Talent Agreement

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Independent Contractor

This INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR AGREEMENT(“Agreement”) created on <nowDate> by and between Eldon Group, LLC (“Employer”) and <userName> (“Independent Contractor”).

Independent Contractor is an independent contractor willing to provide certain skills and abilities to the Employer that the Employer has a demand and need.

In consideration of the mutual terms, conditions, and covenants hereinafter set forth, Employer and Independent Contractor agree as follows:

I. WORK STATUS. The Employer hereby employs the Independent Contractor as an independent contractor, and the Independent Contractor hereby accepts employment. Independent Contractor shall be solely responsible for the withholding or payment of all applicable federal, state and local income taxes, social security taxes and other payroll taxes with respect to their employees, as well as any taxes, contributions or other obligations imposed by applicable state unemployment or workers' compensation acts. Except for provisions herein expressly authorizing Independent Contractor to act for Employer, nothing in this Agreement shall constitute that the independent contractor as a legal representative or agent of the Employer, nor shall Employer have the right or authority to assume, create or incur any liability or any obligation of any kind, express or implied, against or in the name or on behalf of the Employer unless otherwise expressly permitted by the Employer. Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement, Employer shall not perform any obligation of the Independent Contractor, whether regulatory or contractual, or to assume any responsibility for the management of the Independent Contractor's business.

II. START DATE. The term of this Agreement shall commence on the date of signature. Either party may, without cause, terminate this Agreement at any time.

III. SERVICE PROVIDED. The Employer shall pay to the Independent Contractor and the Independent Contractor shall accept from the Employer as compensation for the services as a consultant.

IV. COMPENSATION. The Employer shall compensate the Independent Contractor based on the amount agreed prior to start of each project.

V. INSURANCE. The Independent Contractor shall not be required to have insurance attributed to their service provided. Such insurance shall not be reimbursed by the Employer.

VI. TRAVEL EXPENSES. The Independent Contractor’s travel expenses shall not be reimbursed by the Employer.

VII. MATERIALS. The Independent Contractor’s materials used for providing the services shall not be reimbursed by the Employer.

VIII. OTHER BUSINESS ACTIVITY. The Independent Contractor may engage in other business activities provided, however, that Independent Contractor shall not during the term of this Agreement solicit the Employer’s employees, clients, accounts, or other related business endeavors of the Employer.

IX. UNPLANNED EVENTS. If for reasons beyond the control of the Employer and Independent Contractor should affect this Agreement, this Agreement shall terminate immediately. Such events include, but are not limited to, illness, incapacitation, death, or other “Acts of God”.

X. ASSIGNMENT. Neither the Employer nor the Independent Contractor may assign this Agreement without the express written consent of the other party.

XI. CREATIVE RIGHTS. Independent Contractor assigns to Employer all rights, titles and interests in the work produced under this Agreement. Independent Contractor shall not retain display rights in the work, i.e., for use in portfolios, exhibitions and other self-promotion channels without the written consent of the Employer.

XII. RELATIONSHIP DEFINIED. Nothing in this Agreement shall indicate the Independent Contractor is a partner, agent, or employee of the Employer.

XIII. FINAL AGREEMENT. It is agreed between the parties that there are no other agreements or understandings between them relating to the subject matter of this Agreement. This Agreement supersedes all prior agreements, oral or written, between the parties and is intended as a complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between the parties. No change or modification of this Agreement shall be valid unless the same be in writing and signed by the parties.

XIV. LEGAL NOTICE. All notices or required or permitted to be given hereunder shall be in writing and may be delivered personally or by Certified Mail – Return Receipt Requested, postage prepaid, addressed to the party's last known address.

XV. GOVERNING LAW. This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws under the State of New York.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties have indicated their acceptance of the terms of this Agreement by their signatures below on the dates indicated.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

I. THE PARTIES. This Non-Disclosure Agreement, hereinafter known as the “NDA”, created on <nowDate> is by and between Eldon Group, LLC, hereinafter known as “Company”, and <userName>, hereinafter known as “Party A”, and collectively known as the “Parties”. WHEREAS, this NDA is created for the purpose of preventing the unauthorized disclosure of the confidential and proprietary information. The Parties agree as follows:

II. TYPE OF NDA. This NDA shall be Unilateral, whereas, Company shall have sole ownership of the Confidential Information with Party A being prohibited from disclosing confidential and proprietary information that is to be released by the Company.

III. DEFINITION. For the purposes of this NDA, the term “Confidential Information” shall include, but not be limited to, documents, records, information and data (whether verbal, electronic or written), drawings, models, apparatus, sketches, designs, schedules, product plans, marketing plans, technical procedures, manufacturing processes, analyses, compilations, studies, software, prototypes, samples, formulas, methodologies, formulations, product developments, patent applications, know-how, experimental results, specifications and other business information, relating to the Party’s business, assets, operations or contracts, furnished to the other Party and/or the other Party’s affiliates, employees, officers, owners, agents, consultants or representatives, in the course of their work contemplated in this NDA, regardless of whether such Confidential Information has been expressly designated as confidential or proprietary. Confidential Information also includes any and all, work products, studies and other material prepared by or in the possession or control of the other Party, which contain, include, refer to or otherwise reflect or are generated from any Confidential Information. However, Confidential Information does not include:

(a) information generally available to the public;

(b) widely used programming practices or algorithms;

(c) information rightfully in the possession of the Parties prior to signing this NDA; and

(d) information independently developed without the use of any of the provided Confidential Information.

IV. OBLIGATIONS. The obligations of the Party A shall be to hold and maintain the Confidential Information in the strictest of confidence at all times and to their agents, employees, representatives, affiliates, and any other individual or entity that is on a “need to know” basis. If any such Confidential Information shall reach a third (3rd) party, or become public, all liability will be on Party A. Party A shall, without the written approval of Company, publish, copy, or use the Confidential Information for their sole benefit. If requested, Party A shall be bound to return any and all materials to the Requesting Party within 24 hours.

V. TIME PERIOD. The bounded Party’s(ies’) duty to hold the Confidential Information in confidence shall remain in effect until such information no longer qualifies as a trade secret or written notice is given releasing such Party from this NDA.

VI. INTEGRATION. This NDA expresses the complete understanding of the Parties with respect to the subject matter and supersedes all prior proposals, agreements, representations, and understandings. This NDA may not be amended except in writing with the acknowledgment of the Parties.

VII. SEVERABILITY. If a court finds that any provision of this NDA is invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this NDA shall be interpreted so as best to affect the intent of the Parties.

VIII. ENFORCEMENT. The Parties acknowledge and agree that due to the unique and sensitive nature of the Confidential Information, any breach of this NDA would cause irreparable harm for which damages and/or equitable relief may be sought. The harmed Party in this NDA shall be entitled to all remedies available at law.

IX. GOVERNING LAW. This NDA shall be governed under the laws in the State of New York.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this NDA as of the date written below.

Date of Signature: 12/31/2030

Full Name: John Smith

Phone Number: 987-654-3210

Primary Address: 123 Main Street New York, NY 10001

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