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Customer Engineering | December 22, 2023

How AI Helps People Enjoy Shopping and Watching Shows

In our world today, computers are really smart, thanks to something called artificial intelligence (AI). This isn't just something from movies or books; it's real and is changing how companies help us, especially when we shop or watch movies. Let's see how businesses are using AI to make things better for customers like you and me.

Helping People When They Have Questions

Robot Helpers (Chatbots)

Imagine having a question at midnight about a toy you want to buy, and someone's there to answer you right away! AI-powered robot helpers, called chatbots, can answer simple questions any time of day. They can even tell you things like where your order is, or suggest things you might like.

Smarter Customer Support

Customer service people are getting help from AI so they can understand what you're asking and give you the right answers quickly. It makes talking to them feel more friendly and personal.

Making Suggestions Just for You

AI looks at the things you've bought or looked at before and guesses what you might like. It's like when a friend knows you so well, they can pick out the perfect gift for you.


Amazon uses AI to show you things you might want to buy. This has made people shop more on their website because they find things they like.


Ever wonder how Netflix always knows what show you might want to watch next? That's AI at work! It looks at what you've watched before and finds new things you might enjoy.

Guessing What You'll Need Next

AI can also guess what you might want or need in the future. It's like having a crystal ball that helps companies make things even better for you.


Walmart uses robot helpers to answer questions and solve problems quickly. People enjoy shopping there more because of this fast help.


Tesla's self-driving cars are a super cool way AI is changing how we travel. Imagine sitting in a car that drives itself! That's a whole new way to enjoy going places.

What This All Means

Artificial Intelligence isn't just a fancy computer trick; it's changing how companies talk to us and what they offer us. Big companies like Amazon, Netflix, Walmart, and Tesla are using AI to make things more fun and easy for us.

The way companies are using AI to help us is like a lesson for other businesses. It tells them that if they use AI the right way, they can make things even better for their customers.

As we go into the future, businesses need to keep learning about AI. The ones that do this will be able to give us what we want and need better than ever before. Our future shopping and watching experiences will be smarter and more personal, and AI is the special key that makes it all happen.


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