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Restoring the Narrative:
A Branding Initiative for a Historic Society

The Free and Accepted Masons in the State of New York, based in Midtown Manhattan, is a non-governmental organization with a heritage tracing back to one of the oldest professional fraternities in the world. The local lodges, some over 200 years old, actively engage in numerous charity events each year.

The Challenge

The organization, often referred to as a "secret society," had historically refrained from self-promotion, leading to a misrepresentation of its brand identity by those outside the fraternity. Their challenge wasn't about making their name known, but rather, reclaiming control over their brand narrative.

The Solution

Eldon Group engaged in an in-depth dialogue with the fraternity, gaining an understanding of their access limitations and specific needs. A customized plan was then crafted, presenting a fourfold solution:

  • Design and Development of a Digital Platform: Our team designed a website to serve two purposes - to attract potential fraternity members and to protect the revered integrity of the organization.

  • Video Campaigns: We produced a series of videos aimed at attracting new members while showcasing the fraternity's rich heritage and current initiatives.

  • Strengthening Digital Presence: We implemented search engine optimization techniques and boosted social media engagements to amplify the organization's online footprint.

  • Performance Tracking: Key performance indicators were tracked and analyzed to continuously refine public engagement strategies and ensure brand alignment.

Eldon Group was instrumental in helping the Free and Accepted Masons Lodges in New York regain control over their brand, establishing a solid digital presence that mirrors their respected history and the fraternity's timeless values.

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