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Revitalizing an Age-Old Industry through Advanced Analytics

Nestled in the vibrant hub of New York's Diamond District is Taba, a jewelry manufacturer steeped in tradition but with an eye on the future. Jewelry manufacturing, an industry that has long relied on traditional pen and paper for tracking and calculations, found a change-maker in Taba, a forward-thinking company that had already incorporated database and workflow systems.

The Challenge

Eldon Group was brought in to help Taba fully realize its vision of operational efficiency. The company already knew the type of data that would drive its growth, but it needed expert assistance to devise tools that could efficiently gather, measure, and analyze this critical information. As a well-established brand with a substantial client base, Taba wasn't focusing on broadening its market but streamlining its operations for enhanced efficiency and profitability.

The Solution

In a collaborative partnership with Taba, Eldon Group brought to life a suite of advanced analytical tools aimed at optimizing operations. The four cornerstone solutions delivered included:

  • Profitability Model: Leveraging diverse data, including service type, historical pricing, and daily profit and loss statements, we developed a comprehensive profitability model. This model provided nuanced insights, enabling strategic decisions to maximize profitability.

  • Executive Dashboard: An easy-to-use, visually appealing executive dashboard was created, presenting key performance indicators (KPIs), operational insights, and capacity tracking. This empowered Taba's leadership with real-time data to guide their decision-making process.

  • Process Improvement and Human Capital Optimization: Through a detailed analysis of Taba's operational processes, Eldon Group identified opportunities to streamline workflows. The implementation of these improvements led to a significant reduction in product delivery time - by a third, increasing overall operational efficiency.

  • Industry Arbitrage Forecast Tracker: To give Taba an edge over competitors, an industry arbitrage forecast tracker was designed. This tool provides valuable insights into market pricing and timing, enabling Taba to seize profitable opportunities, thus enhancing their bottom line.

Through these solutions, Eldon Group assisted Taba in harnessing the power of their data, transforming their operational efficiency, and carving a path for sustainable growth within a timeless industry.

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