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Implementing Advanced Marketing Strategies in the Healthcare Industry

Kings Harbor Multicare Center, located in New York, is a healthcare facility dedicated to helping its residents achieve and maintain their optimal health function, providing a broad range of care from partial assistance to full-time personal help.

The Challenge

When Eldon Group began working with Kings Harbor, the task at hand was clear: the healthcare facility was already making use of marketing and digital presence, including a bilingual website and local TV ads, but their existing strategies needed revitalization to better resonate with their community.

The Solution

Through a close partnership with Kings Harbor, Eldon Group developed a series of strategic solutions to enhance their marketing and digital presence. The four most significant solutions included:

  • A complete refresh of the existing website with updated content and enhanced features, ensuring compatibility across multiple devices and adherence to necessary compliance protocols.

  • Production of a high-quality, 30-second TV ad that captured and promoted the company’s core identity to their local community.

  • Creation of a promotional video designed specifically for showcasing to patients and social workers, effectively communicating the level of care and range of services provided by Kings Harbor.

  • A comprehensive marketing strategy that leveraged both digital and traditional channels to strengthen Kings Harbor's brand presence and engagement within their community.

Through these strategic solutions, Kings Harbor Multicare Center was able to revitalize their marketing strategies, successfully resonating with their community and reinforcing their commitment to providing exceptional healthcare services.

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