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Apply Analytics to an Antiquated Industry

Taba is a jewelry manufacturer located in the heart of New York’s Diamond District. Jewelry manufacturing and its industry is an old and tested trade using conventional pen and paper for job tracking and mathematical purposes. Taba is a forward-thinking company that had already incorporated a database and workflow setup.


When Eldon Group came in, the message was clear: the company knows what data they need, but need help creating tools to gather and analyze it. Taba’s intentions were in the right place, but was not able to track, measure, and incorporate data. The company has plenty of clients, so marketing was not a focus, but rather to become more operationally efficient.


After close partnership, Eldon Group ultimately developed several tools for operations optimization, the four most important solution tools delivered were: 

  • A profitability model that factored all available data such as service type, historical pricing cost, and daily P&L

  • Executive dashboard that includes KPIs, operational, and capacity tracker

  • Process improvement and Human Capital Optimization reducing process and product delivery time by a third 

  • Industry arbitrage forecast tracker to increase the bottom line through market pricing and timing

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